Redwane Jabal

Fundación Tres Culturas

La instalación planteada tiene a la luz como referente (algo recurrente en su carrera), en una reflexión sobre la interpretación individual que las personas hacemos del mundo que nos rodea, la realidad externa y el reflejo de nuestras creencias.

“The world around us reflects our interpretation is what we see is our belief . Each person exists within a certain interpretation of the world, therefore and this is based on the idea that how we view the present determines our experiences and how we interpret the past. The idea that one can become a prisoner within the reality they have created all of this begs some questions:

Do we all create our own realities?

Where does the act of creating our reality end?

When one becomes fixed in beliefs/ values?

Why would this reality lead us to wrong decisions?

Why are we not satisfied habitually?

Is reality or projection what we see in others?

How could the projection affect the reality and how could the reality affect the projection?

Is there any such thing as a reality?

Our projections and perspectives change.  I will explore these questions in order to explain that the world is like a mirror, reflecting who we are, what we judge and what we fear.

Redwane Jabal


La instalación podrá contemplarse a partir del día 27 en la Fundación Tres Culturas del Mediterráneo (Calle Max Planck nº2, Isla de la Cartuja, 41092, Sevilla.

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